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First try at my tablet by Spicy-Cinnamon

The following critique is in no way asspatting. It is true, real, and straight up.

And by the way... there will probably someone that will copy and paste this critique and resubmit it. They do that a lot for some reason.

So first off... I can tell you are not used to your tablet yet. It may seem a little bit confusing, but you will get the hang of it. ^^

Now to the critique:

This is actually really cute. Quite adorable and an improvement from your older stuff.

The expression is good.

Things that could be better:

Veeerrryyy shaky lines. Try using the stabilizer or vectoring if you have to.

Overall anatomy needs a LOT of work. Try to look at some tutorials and look at a real cat.

Back lower legs are way too short to support the cat's weight.

Front legs are too skinny.

The tail and the back legs are two different things. Do not draw them as a whole mass.

The tail is an extension of the spine. Not just something you stick on the end. Be aware of your placement.

Head to body ratio should be revisited.

Chest placement is to the front when it should be to the side.

Not to be rude or anything... just my opinion...:

Try to not use the eye through the bangs technique. If you still want to use it, lower the opacity of the whole eye to make it look like it is actually behind the bang.

Don't forget. A bang should be able to cut off lines below it. Try not to show them.

The bangs only go up until the middle of the face, making it look like it grew from there. Try to make the line for the bangs go up a little more to look more natural.

Now I understand some of these things are your style... but a lot of them are needed to improve.

This is a nice piece, it just needs some work.

Nice job!

I hope I was not too rude.

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