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Ravenpaw by Gravitii-CS

First off... this will be a honest critique. No asspatting will be here. Sorry!

Things I like:

I think the background matches this pretty well.

I like how you varied the thickness in the outline.

Things that are in the middle:
Some colors are blurred and some are not. The blurring that you did do looks fine... but it looks weird that the other colors are not.

The eyes give me conflicting thoughts. I liked how you switched it up a little bit, but the shapes of the eyes are just... weird looking. I hope I am not being rude.

Things that can use some work:

Overall anatomy is off. By a lot. The ears for instance are extremely misplaced. The neck it too short and the whole face it too low. Arm placement is incorrect. Pretty much whole head placement is incorrect.

The smile looks odd, because you made the outline thick and the teeth thinly outlined. I am not sure if this is just me... if so... my bad. ^^;

Try using thinner lines so your can get correct anatomy down, and then making the lines a little thicker as you get better.

It is hard to see if you put too much effort into this... because I can honestly say this is NOT your best work.

This is going to be the second lowest rating, as explained in the things that need work, there are a lot of anatomy issues that bring this down a lot visual wise.

What you are doing when you draw is somewhat repeating over and over again. Try switching it up a little.

Anatomy wise, you need to work on it a LOT... and same with overall digital drawing skills.

I hope this was not too mean... I am just being completely honest. I am just trying to help. ^^

This is a good piece... it just needs work.

Nice job. Keep it up Cold!

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